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Introduction To Team Bounty

TeamBounty's main aim is to improve Marketing activities in the best possible way. We are focused on how Project owners can reach more audience on the internet at the best budget. TeamBounty consists of a very large community of users of different interest who have come together to accomplish the same aim of making money online. With TeamBounty, you can accomplish any task online and participants get paid only when such task is completed.

Bounty Hunters at TeamBounty get paid depending on the payment type, we have BTC, ETH, Project Token & Our Custom Token (TBY). The payment type is clearly visible before participating. If payment is by ETH, BTC or TBY then earnings are available for withdrawal when the task has been marked as completed except otherwise stated. If payment is by the Project Token then the payment is available after the ICO.

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For Managers/Advertisers

Effective Marketing

TeamBounty still remains the best way to reach thousands of users on the internet with the best budget. Participants of TeamBounty are ready for any task that will yield earnings and we have designed popular marketing packages or you can request for a custom marketing development for your campaign.

You will get real users completing Marketing tasks, some of the tasks include; Posting on social media, sharing, retweeting, reviews, downloads, sales lead, translation service, video upload, signature campaign, affiliate registration or action, blog posts and many more. For whatever Marketing solution, our developers are always ready to design a campaign to suit your campaign style.

New Business?

Launching A New Business?

When you are launching a new business, TeamBounty will help promote your business faster than any other Advertising method. Can you imagine 5,000 persons on the internet retweeting about your Product? This is the fastest way to get your business across the internet in the shortest possible time.

You can set how much you wish to spend for every Campaign, you can also limit the participants by location if you are launching only in that region. We have very advance solutions to meet your needs.

You can independently manage your campaign or you hire us to manage for you. All features have been carefully developed even if you have to manage up to 100,000 users on TeamBounty, you can easily do that with very little effort.

Best Bounty Solution

Planning An ICO?

Most successful ICOs today were only successful with the efforts of Bounty Hunters & Managers from the Crypto World. It is advisable that Bounty begins several days before ICO so that awareness about the ICO can actively register on people's mind before ICO sales. There is no other way to begin a Bounty campaign, TeamBounty already has all resources needed to begin.

Gone are the days when Managers updates spread sheet daily, this is prone to several mistakes and too much work for a Manager. The TeamBounty platform makes this as easy as ABC. Most of the processes are automated, you only need to approve from your Dashboard no need to check Facebook or Twitter, right from your TeamBounty Dashboard you will see all tweets, comments, blog post, video uploads and all.


Platform Features

We have made lots of processes automated and also simplified the platform in such a way that users can start earning right from the first day and also Project Owners can also accurately monitor the process and approve when due.

How To Earn

Earning Methods

Here at TeamBounty, we have designed lots of ways you can earn daily with little or no efforts at all. The designed features are for users to earn easily from what they do every day. TeamBounty is turning what you do daily into cash for you. Some of the ways you can earn are seen below.

Social Media

Just share, like, follow, comment, retweet, upvote, or post and get paid! It's as simple as that.

Signature Campaign

The popular one is on BitcoinTalk, you get paid for adding some designed codes as your signature

Blog Post

You are paid for writing on your personal blog or popular blogs about their Project or Product. Terms varies by project

Product Test

You are paid for feedbacks about their new product or project after testing or viewing. Tasks varies here in this segment.


You can be paid for downloading applications for mobile, windows or Mac. This tasks are automated.


You are paid for translating a white paper, Website or any document. Read terms before applying


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about TeamBounty in details

How do i join a campaign?
Login and navigate to the Campaign you want to join, read the terms and payment terms then accept and join.
When and how do i get paid?
Depending on the task, this is specified by the campaign Manager. Some tasks only allows payment when the total campaign is over, while some others allows withdrawal immediately you have completed the task.
Where do i forward complains?
You can join our active channels for faster responses on questions. Our most active channel is Telegram. You can also send us a support mail for enquires.
Why can't i apply for a campaign?
Some campaigns might restrict to Country, State or Region. Some campaigns might also restrict to number of tasks you have completed. Ask us on Telegram if you have any issue.
What is the Cost involvement of starting a campaign?
All cost is seen when you register on the create a new campaign page. The number of users you want to cover will determine the amount you will be charged.
Why was my campaign rejected?
Campaigns that do not meet with our terms of use and conditions will be rejected.
What are the payment methods?
You can start a campaign with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Our Token only.
Can you handle Bounty Management?
Yes, we offer this as an extension, if you want a professional Manager to handle your Bounty, you can select the option of hiring us to handle your Bounty Management.
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